​How To Update Drivers Directly From The Device Manager?

This problem usually appears on laptops, but desktop PCs can also suffer from the lack of proper ventilation. Overheating can cause BSOD so you need to analyze your system to see if that’s something you should worry about. It’s better to try to prevent overheating issues early on because you might end up with a burnt-out motherboard. When you open the tool you will be greeted by a dialog which allows you to select whether you prefer to do the testing right now or the next time you start the PC. Choose appropriately and the tool will perform a basic memory test.

If you’re still having a hard time discovering exactly how to fix a BSOD, then it’s time to analyze the root causes of these errors. Now that you have an error name or code, you cryptbase.dll location can take it from here and do a quick search on the web for it. This is usually the first thing worth trying as most likely there is a fix for that specific BSOD error you’ve experienced.

For this, you will need a USB drive or a DVD and to go through a lengthy process to make it boot with the Windows installation. Keep in mind that this process deletes everything on your computer so make sure you do a full backup. Type ‘Programs and Features’ in the search box of the Start menu and you will immediately get the correct Windows application. On the left, there’s a ‘View installed updates’ button which shows you a list with updates.

You need to test every hardware component to make sure it works properly. Windows offers you the option to search automatically for the driver, so select that. In case it doesn’t find any update, you will have to manually visit the manufacturer’s website and download it from there.

  • Following are the steps to overcome the Blue Screen of Death error.
  • Hence, instead a sad Emoticon 🙁 is given along with a short message saying “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.
  • Open the CPU case and ensure that all cables are properly connected to their respective hardware like motherboard, hard drive, CD drive, etc.
  • We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.(0 % complete)”.

How To Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Crashes

Investigating the error is a highly recommended course of action for Windows 8 and 10. If Action Center proved ineffective, you need to take a closer look at those clues provided by Windows when the BSOD happens, any hint can be helpful to find a fix.

How To Fix Critical Process Died Error In Windows 10?

A possible cause for blue screens is hardware malfunctioning. To see if your computer has hardware problems, there are a few things you can try.

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