Busy bees like us are always out there looking for something new and exciting. Be it firm in style or thoughts, people never like to be at one place. From molecular to the planetary level, life and living beings are in a constant motion. And when we say, that change is an inevitable process, we always wish to land up in the right space. We set the sail and let the winds of change blow us in the direction we choose.
The thought-process is the same when it comes to decorating our homes. Individuals always want living spaces to be in the best style and looks. While, some choose to spend lavishly there are also, others who want to shop smart.
So, in this article you’ll find 5 major affordable home décor hacks, which will update your décor without jeopardizing an entire weekend and spending just quarters!

1. Outside Greenery is The New In.

Indoor plants decoration makes the space more comfy, luxurious and comfortable. Adding plants in-house not only transform the room into a green oasis but also, adds life and sculptural elements. You can create an indoor garden to stand out and use plants of dracaena genus as they are the easiest to grow. Consider Snake plant, Bromeliads, Rubber Flag, Jade plant and etc as they can be found easily and do not require high-end maintenance.

2. Use your Leftover Paint.

It’s no hard task to find leftover paint in your store or backyard that’s 90% empty. Using leftover paint to create your own modern art is an idea that will not only catch eyes but win hearts, as well. For an instant refresh in a room or house, try painting the mantel or your door. You can even dip-dye legs of the chair or re-paint your other furniture.

3. Drop to Minimum.

Reintroduce your favourite pieces of furniture or decoration by just cropping out the elements that make your space look less spectacular! For a well-edited space, drop down to minimum and give space to things that not only looks classy but are the apple of your eye.

4. Bring out the Stylist in you.

Look for the inspiration and find the right kind of styled homes you like! If you are a person who prefers the rough look, then go for vintage pottery along with bright spaces. The foremost rule of being your own stylist is strategic placement. Mix up old and new, expensive and inexpensive but remember, not to overload any corner. Dry to maintain the balance and make the best use of shapes and textures!

5. Manoeuvre Vintage.

To reach the perfect equilibrium between modern and traditional, choose well-made antiques. You can hang vintage china passed down by your ancestors or turn a vintage secretary into a home bar. Pairing a traditional table with modern chairs makes a dynamic duo and turns your vintage pieces into modern interiors. Make liberal use of ethnic textiles, as it is in harmony with everything.

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