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Imagic Interior is a Delhi based design studio which deals in Interior Consultancy, Project Management, and Turnkey Projects. Our primary focus has been Residential and Commercial Interiors. Current projects include commercial & industrial buildings, corporate offices, hospitality, boutique retail, Private houses & Luxury furniture.

Imagic Interior was established in year 2010, and has now grown with leaps and bounds. We have gained rich experience in our field, by making client’s interior vision real. We have designed interior space for varied clients. Our clients now range from small to medium kamagra 100mg gel, Local firms, right up to Corporate and International Brands. Our individual home interior clients range from home owners and small businessmen to Corporate Executives.

We solely believe in providing customer satisfaction in whatever services we provide. With this in mind Imagic Interiors has developed and marketed a wide range of Interior Designing Services, all founded in the same basic philosophy of Imagination, Ideas and Creativity.

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