About us

IMAGIC INTERIORS aim to design what your heart desires and eyes perceive. We are one of the top design to build design studio in Delhi/NCR. Our firm provides you with the best of the designs, top quality finishes and wide variety of materials.  We would love to create a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics.

We are a customer centric firm that believes in utmost satisfaction of our clients. We as a design studio create experiences that builds connection and foster a sense of belonging between the client and the space. Our aim is to create unique, authentic designs that spark brilliance in the people who use them. Our values are created with keeping in mind the concept of homely relations with the client yet working with professional approach.


What we do


We believe in active space planning. The planed layouts are created keeping in mind the needs and desires of the...


We create a perfect blend of contemporary and classic designs to give your space a futuristic look with a touch of...


We create unique exterior designs with different shapes and materials making your house the center of attraction...


We believe in the science of Vedic Architecture. Here we align the energies of the space with the principles of Va...


We create customised furniture that compliment and uplift the interiors of the room...


Customization of design, furniture, space planning etc. can be done according to the needs of client. We believe i...


Let’s create your wedding

We will take on all the worries and plan your wedding

We strive to be unique, create a new style of work, always go hand in hand with excellence and surpass ourselves. Our projects are special, exceptional and have a quality mark.

Our team consists of multidisciplinary professionals who take care of every little detail, which guarantees an absolute success of the event and maximum pleasure for everyone who attends it.